Reusable Resealable Food Storage Bags Set of 12

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You can go green with your lunch using these Reusable Resealable Re-Zip Kit, which includes 4 Small Bags/4 Middle Bags/3 Large Bags/1 Strip Bags(12PCS). They wash well by hand or by dishwasher. They don’t stain or hold on to odors. They also do a great job keeping cheese fresh. I pack all snack (like vegetables, cookies, peanuts, etc) in these jars-like plastic bags. Made from durable PE Polyethylene. High quality plastic material, safe and non-toxic.

S Bags: 6.18" x 4.2"

M Bags: 5.3" x 7.6"

L Bags: 6.7" x 9.6"