The Environment In the News

The Environment In the News

A few stories from the web that show sustainability is alive and well in 2020.  Have you done your part?  It’s easy.  Please visit the links below to read more.

Did your favorite TV show or movie capture a coveted Golden Globe award recently?   Among all the glitz, photo ops, and after parties for the estimated 1300 guest there is change this for the attendees.   In previous years, the food served had vegan options however this year the menu is entirely plan based and locally sourced and single use plastic is banned.

Why the 2020 Golden Globes' Menu Will Be 100 Percent Plant Based

Meat has been taken off the menu at this year's Golden Globe Awards dinner

Wow, so it’s probably easy for celebrities to skip the plastic if they eat out a lot but what about the average consumer?  As a matter a fact, several countries are banning single use plastics.  The change has been hard --- both in convenience and some costs --- but as the article below mentions 13 tons end up in our oceans annually.

Plastic bans around the world - Great Big Story

  • Zimbabwe – In 2017 banned takeout containers made of non-recyclable Styrofoam
  • France – Banned shopping bags in 2015 and looking to be plastic free in 2020
  • Tunisia – Non bio-degradable shopping bags are banned for 2020 but Tunisia makes durable yet stylish traditional straw Koffa baskets

What can I do??? 

  • Bring reusable food containers to the restaurant for your leftovers or frequent restaurants that use recycled packaging in their take-out packages
  • Use reusable shopping bags (most grocery stores have them for less than $1.00)
  • If you are dog owner like your friends at Ecotroplis and have to take a bag with you for walkies you can ditch the plastic shopping bag for bio-degradable poop bags
  • Don’t forget this plastic sandwich/snack backs we all grab when packing lunch. Would you believe they make sustainably-harvested and grease-resistant paper bags?
  • Thirsty? Pick up a refillable water bottle so you don’t leave behind plastic water bottles on that next trip to the beach
  • Eating healthy veggies, right? When you go to the grocery store don’t rip off one of those no recyclable plastic produce bags.  You can pick up breathable, machine-washable mesh drawstring bags which pair nicely with your reusable tote shopping bag